When I’m tweening windows

Intel’s ‘The Chase’ was one of the biggest viral hits of 2010, with over 2 million views on YouTube (and counting). The video stars female action hero Eva, pursued by a posse of bad guys through windows on a computer desktop. The breathtaking chase sees Eva dodge her way through websites, banner ads, video games, an iTunes library, Microsoft Office, Facebook, Photoshop and Google Streetview. The animation was directed by Smith & Foulkes – working at our old friends Nexus Productions – and shot by Bourne Trilogy cinematographer Oliver Wood.

After the success of ‘The Chase’, Intel decided to give people a chance to see the film unfold on their actual desktops. Together with Venables Bell & Partners and Nexus, we created a fast-paced version that uses HTML5 and JavaScript to play out the action across 80 moving and dynamically sized browser windows. The animations are carefully synced with an infectious audio soundtrack, and the application is designed to work across all modern browsers. Here’s hoping the new version is just as popular…


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