Divide and conquer

El Mysterioso first started working with Nexus Productions back in 2009. Since then, the award winning production and animation studio has continued to evolve – recent work ranges from Honda and Coca-Cola spots, to a stunning animated sequence for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

But as well as the good work they’ve been doing in film, the company have been delving into the world of interactive moving image, via their Nexus Interactive Arts division. Projects have included the Muybridgizer app for Tate Britain, an interactive cover for Boards magazine and an art exhibition in a disused 80s office block. And
earlier this year, El Mysterioso partnered with Nexus Interactive Arts to produce a browser-based version of their viral animation for Intel, ‘The Chase’.

With this distinct side of the company coming into its own, Nexus realised it was time to overhaul their website. We were delighted to help rebuild the site in a way that reflects this new direction, giving Nexus Productions and Nexus Interactive Arts their own distinct spaces within a coherent overall framework. Now it’s time to sit back
and watch each division evolve a little more.


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